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APRIL 2024

The Beauty Institute is known for our amazing cosmetology course. We offer the resources you need to become an incredible professional in the field. Because of our great cosmetology program, we have been recognized as one of the best options among trade schools in the area. This gives you the confidence to choose us as your cosmetology school.


The Cosmetology course of study is a 18-month full-time program, consisting of 1500 clock hours. The first 350 hours of the course are spent training in the junior classroom, where the instruction includes lectures, demonstrations, and practical hands-on work. Each student is supplied with a full kit of

equipment. Theory tests are administered once a week. 


When the first 350 hours of training are completed, the student then progresses to the senior clinic floor, where they will perform all types of services on clients in a salon type environment. This includes hair, nail, facial, and pedicuring services performed under the supervision of instructors. They will also learn how to book and schedule appointments, manage and perform proper patron protection, and sanitize and maintain a salon environment.

This program prepares graduates to pass the state examinations and successfully obtain an entry level position in the field of Cosmetology. Upon graduating from this course, the student will have practical experience with basic and advanced cosmetology techniques. This will include hair styling, hair cutting, hair coloring, permanent waving, facials, eyebrow waxing, manicuring and salon management.

Beautiful creations by our talented students


Registration Fee   ~      $100.00

Curriculum & Kit   ~   $2,000.00

Tuition                   ~   $7,000.00


Total                      ~  $9,100.00*


*Payment plans available*

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