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Registration Fee   ~   $100.00

Curriculum            ~   $300.00

Tuition                   ~   $5,000.00


Total                      ~   $5,400.00 

The Instructor course will prepare graduates to work in a cosmetology school. Student Instructors will receive practice teaching in the junior classroom, as well as the senior 

classroom and clinic floor. Student Instructors will also be familiar with lesson planning, grading exams, record keeping, cosmetology and manicuring curriculums, and the state board laws and rules.

The Instructor course consists of 500 clock hours of training, where you will learn a variety of different teaching techniques and supervisory skills to successfully teach a cosmetology, manicuring or facial course. You will spend the first 300 hours in the junior classroom from start to finish. You will learn

many rewarding lessons and disciplinary measures as you learn along with the students in a classroom situation. 

The remaining 200 hours of your training will be held on the senior clinic floor supervising students, and in the senior instructor’s office learning the many different aspects of running a school

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