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The steps for securing your spot at The Beauty Institute is simple, and starts with us understanding you. Download and print out the application form below so we can help you find what education you are looking for! Take a look at our Student Catalog to read our school policies and procedures!


Next fill out our "contact us" form so we can gather information to discuss questions and call us to schedule a tour of our school for you.  989.349.5026

After scheduling a meeting with our admissions department, We will explain your contract information with you at your meeting/tour of the school and go over any questions you my have. You will bring your completed Application form with you to this meeting. If The Beauty Institute is a good fit for you, your registration fee saves your spot while we help create a schedule with you. 


The last step is signing the paperwork and starting. It’s that easy. Your curriculum and kit fee is due before your scheduled start date to ensure all materials are ready and waiting for you upon arrival!

Application Form

Download and print our application form and bring it with you completed, to your first meeting and tour!

Contact Us

Fill out our contact us form so we can get you connected, and give us a call to start the process of your enrollment!

What will it cost?

Cosmetology Program

Registration Fee           $100.00**

Curriculum & Kit          $2,000.00**

Tuition                       $7,000.00

Total                         $9,100.00*

*Payment plans available see student catalog for more info


Instructor Program

Registration Fee           $100.00**

Curriculum                  $300.00**

Tuition                       $5,000.00

Total                         $5,400.00*

*Payment plans available see student catalog for more info


Registration fee is due at first meeting/tour to reserve your spot
Curriculum & Kit fee is due before the first day of enrollment, on a set date that will be given to you by the school

when can I start?

Class Start Dates
April 09th 2024
June 11th 2024
August 13th 2024

October 08th 2024

We are now in NACCAS Candidate status in our Accreditation process

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